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- Today Ayurveda and its products are recommened as best of alternative medicines in the world

- First of all Ayurvedic medicines are free from all the side effects.

- The Medicines could be used for both childrens and adults irrespective of age factor.

- Digestive problems like gas, constipation and intestinal disorders could be easily cured with these medicines.

- Ayurvedic medicines are made purely from natural herbs / products which again make it a natural supplment for curing diseases

- The medicine when used continously serves to boost up the digestive machinery properly.

- Patients with digestive or any other problem could practice the alternative medicines in correspond to their general medicines, this will help them to leave or discontinue the use of their original medicines.

- Our body as we know is made up of organic elements comprising carbon,hydrogen, oxygen, similarly the herbal / ayurvedic supplments are made up of organic ingredients.

- The prime healthy indication of using natural medicines is its lower cost as well as fast and easy ailment.

- Ayurvedic digestives popularly called churans or choorans are totally made from natural herbs making it more effective and almost 100% safe.

- Moreover Ayurvedic mehndi is the best alternate for artifiial dyer for hair. Also the tattos made from mehndi is much much better as compared to synthetic pigments.